Fraud Company Roozgaar

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m Subir Moulick from Kolkata. I got one phone call from Roozgaar(Ph.No.011-30209050).They said that they’re a Govt. registered organization for job place mentioned they have a news article rozgar samachar. Mr.Himanshu phoned me on dated 12.07.13 and told me that I have to give them Rs.1500+tax=Rs.1685.00 to them for lifetime registration and they’ll search better job for me in my desired location. In the same day evening, Ms.Jyoti phoned (Mobile no.08882010880) me and said she’ll create my profile and forced me to online in the evening. But I said that I was not in that position and asked her that I can come online in the next day (13.07.13) at 10.30 a.m.
As usual Ms.Jyoti phoned me on 13.07.13 at 10-30 a.m. and I made the onetime payment i.e. Rs.1685.4.
Then she asked me to pay more for creating resume, develop skill etc. etc. I have refused to pay anything.
After that I have received the phone call from Mr.Jaspal(Mobile No.0-8459078827) and he assured me that nothing has to be paid by me but I have to follow some procedure and make some payment which will be refundable. He also told me that he has already blocked my credit card.Whichever I’ll pay; it’ll not reflect in my account. Then he asked me to pay one by one which amount were Rs.16,064.1 , Rs.20222.6 and Rs.8538.24.
He told me that some order nos have already generated and I have to say that nos to other gentleman who phoned me after sometime.
I have followed all the instructions as he told me. I phoned him on 13.07.13 and asked him when the money should reflect in account. He said that it’ll show on Monday because it was already 12-30 p.m. and also it was Saturday.
On 14.07.13. Mr.Jaspal phoned me around 4-15 p.m. and said that he has asked the bank people to his office and he create a account in Roozgaar in the nameof Mr.Abhir and the account name name is [email protected] and password is 123456.
He told me to pay Rs.16,291.10 to that account. Because he has to show this to his management and it’ll also reimbursed into my account. Then Mr.Khan phoned me and done the formalities. He also gave me his mobile no.I saved his no.But I was shocked that his nos is the same no which has given by Ms.Jyoti.
I have doubt about it and I have gone through in Google.I found that there are lots of complain against this Roozgaar.It has mentioned that it’s a fraud company.
Then I have tried so many time to Mr.Jaspal, it was busy/ringing. I phoned to Mr.Khan mobile no. where I have found Mr.Jaspal.I requested him that I do not need any job, any assistance from them. I have requested him to return my all money. He asked me to speak in the morning of 15th July around 11a.m.I phoned him on the same date around 10-30a.m. and asked him to refund my money. He said that he’ll speak with his office. After that they didn’t take my call. I have recorded the tele conversation. In the meantime, I have blocked my card to phone the customer care and logged the complaint against the fraud the case.
I pray to you kindly solve the matter and remove me from the hell.
Subir Moulick

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