Roozagaar – Refund amount cheated

My name is Shreenath Shetty on 10/10/2013 I got the cal from Urgent vacancies for job opening in Mahindra & Mahindra and they checked the my resume in Naukari add, as per there requirement my qualification was suitable and the for to complete the procedure they asked to make Rs.2100/- payment after that one more payment Rs.6949/- and one more payment Rs.7090/- . After few days on 24/10/2013 I got the cal from Roozagar saying that Urgent vacancies and Roozagar are same and they are forwarded my file for to complete the procedure, And I need to make one more transaction. I told I don’t want any service from you I want refund of 16139 . Then they told me to come online for making refund procedure as what ever they tod I did that but instead of refund amount was trasfered Rs. Rs.16514.70 from account there account . When asked they told they will refund the amount and asked to me make one more payment for complete the procedure.But I did not do. Again on 29th oct 2013 One person from Roozagar told that he will refund the amount and then the transaction made for refund is Rs.15614.70 there again I stopped the transaction. I tried to cal customer care of Roozagar but no body picked the phone cal and I send the mail also there is no response. And again in the month of December 07/12/2013 ( Ph 01204957400) (01204957430 ) Mrs.Anjali, Mr.Adithya singh & also Mr. Veeneth 9873548445 called and asked they will refund the amount, But as the account closed in October, I enter the password but it was not taking again they told they will do it in the name of Abhay and Rahul they will complete the refund procedure like that they promised and then Rs.11797.80/-Rs.14041.60 Rs.14774.20 Rs.20107.90 Rs.20840.50 and Rs.18536.00. Total on 7th & 8th December 2013 Totally in 2 days Rs.100098/- transaction took place . After completing the transaction they told wait for 48 Hrs need to close the refund procedure. Totally for roozagar amount 132227/-.

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  1. mr. Sreenath please visit and give your complait there they are helping many people to get their money refund from roozgaar., i also got my money back…