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Reported By: Ved Jha

Contact information:
Ftxtradingsoftware.com Bengaluru

I got a call on 29/4/2023 of a sales executive from Ftxtradingsoftware.com, her name was Rupali. She asked me to purchase basic software worth 18, 600 which was supposed to provide daily profit of minimum 1000 – 1500. After purchasing software, they took 5 days to activate it and after activation I found it was simply giving 200 – 300 profit with 28000 account balance (broker account balance). When I asked Rupali about her false claims, she said the bot is not working properly since 1 week, earlier it was working very well and I’ll have to purchase a new bot to get 1000 – 1500 profit on daily basis, for which I’ll have to pay 3600 more. I again paid 3600 but nothing changed. Then I got a call from gayatri, she said she is from retention team of Ftxtradingsoftware.com and if I purchase a VIP bot worth 88000 then I can get an assured profit of 13000 – 15000 everyday with 1.5 lack in broker account. I told them I do not have that much of money to purchase then she gave me a partial payment option and asked me to pay 30000 now and remaining next month. I asked them to send me a mail from their business account and write about every claim she makes in that email and along with that I also wanted her to mention that if my VIP bot doesn’t get activated in 24 hours then the company will refund my all money. She sent me the mail with all the mentioned details in it. Then I paid 30000 again but after payment they said it will be activated by end of day, it’s been 10 days now and it is still not activated. Now they don’t even respond my messages and calls. Today I got a message from them and she asked money again to activate the VIP bot but when I asked about my refund, she ignored the message and did not reply. I texted Rupali as well but she also just read the message and does not reply. Now talking about basic bot which is activated, since 3 days it is providing heavy loss, I don’t event believe they have the actual bot, I think the whole trading happens by them is manually only and that is also to scam more money from the client.
This whole company is fraud, lets come together to shut this fraudulent company so that they unable to scam anyone else.

Their phone numbers
90870 94999
90870 16444
90870 95888

I request you all to block and report these numbers, and on truecaller report this as a scam number so that they unable to scam others.

How to file a complaint against Ftxtradingsoftware.com?

* Go to page
* Write Ftxtradingsoftware.com in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Ftxtradingsoftware.com.

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