Global Shiksha – Job service cheating

I think they may the paid job arranging team. They have called me approx. 1 month ago. They are told me we are Global we are the supplier of manpower through out india on paid service.
Then i asked them the details of their service. He said we have seen your profile in we will help to get new job within 15 day by paying us 1600/–. Initially I’m not intrested in service you may me later but they dont want leave me repatedly asking me what’s your profile details then i said the details to him. Afterthat he told we having the vacancy with our client of M/s Kirloskar Ind. Pvt. Ltd in chennai location. So I’m impressed and paid them in online mode.
After this payment 1 hour ago again another person from the same team called me and asked and repeated the same details of my ealier subscription. in additon to this he asked me to pay the certificate verification charges for your service i.e. 6000/—. I told him which is not our ealier discussion. as per your ealiesr commitment you have arrange the job within 15 days then why you are asking me pay again. I say will not this huge amount. But they dont want leave me again and again calling 5-8 times within a hour.
approx. 3-4 persons speaking with me on this and try to make convience. finally I’m confusied and surrender to his speech and paid to them. Afterthat there is no response from them. i have mailed them 2 times but there is no positive response.
You please help me sir, I’m in vary bad fiscal issue.


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  1. frnd i am also cheated by shiksa guru

    any idea to make cyber Case on court

    first we make a team

    we will together
    then we make complaint

    thanks and Regards
    C gunasekar