go buy kart – fake sales by go buy kart

Dear Sir,
I have received call from Go buy kart company name cell no-09136663582 on dates 7 jan 2016.thay inform and send mail me that my secc no selected under promotional activity of company.they offer me samsung led tv and dell laptop total cost 97000/-, and this regards i need to pay 14999/- which is taxable amount.

i had confirm on their online site also.second day they provided account no of IDBI bank acc no 0170102000018063. ifsc code-IBKL0000170 branch preet vihar.
after the continous call and mail confirmation i have deposited amount.

firstly ia have deposited wrong amount that is 15000/-,after that they said please deposite correct amount. i have deposite correct amount that is 14999/- .second day they call me and said that pay for insurance that is 9700/-, and said if you are not pay then we are not abel to refund your amount and nor send product, i deposited correct amount.
then after many days they send me welcome gift for confirming address.
after receiving welcome gift they told me our system will not able track because your taxable amount and insurance amount paid in two different days please pay in bulk.
if not pay then we are nor refunded my excess amount.
then i deposited 24699/-.
totally i deposited total 64398/-.
they also mail me all this things.
bot still i have not received any product nor my amount.
they mentally harrase me.
please help in this case.

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