Go First Airline – Flight Was Cancelled By The Airline But No Full Refunding Was Effected

Reported By: Abypalam

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Go First Airline

I have booked a flight ticket from Hyderabad to Kochi on 24th November 2021 at 19.30 PNR LDQE4H, by G8 First G8-506. On 18th 10.16. They have sent a message to my mobile stating that the flight was cancelled.

No other provisions for rebooking on the same day, day before or after were provided. Moreover, they have notified me to contact the booking agency for any change.

This ticket booking I have made with insurance (See attached Document) I observe manipulative and unethical behavior from the part of the airline management and harassment of the simple customers.

I have complained to the booking agent Easymytrip by Email, and to the Customer care unit of the Airline through phone. To my surprise I saw that they have processed a refund of Rs. 181 instead of refunding the whole amount.

The airline has not only canceled the flight they did not provide me with any chance of rebooking up to the afternoon of the previous day. From my experience I see that hundreds of customers are thus being exploited day by day by airlines and through the silent complicity of the Booking Agents.

In my direct phone conversation with the airline customer care I was assured that restitution would be done through the booking agent. However, up to now no response has reached me.

Should I go to the court to get my indemnification? The ticket I had booked long ago to attend my schedules in Kerala. As there was no other rebooking option I had to cancel it the day before, and incur huge expenses to reach the destination.

I wonder if confirmed tickets that were booked with special fares in advance are canceled to accommodate higher rate tickets to amass profit, exploiting the bona fide faith of the simple customers.

I have booked on and have provided no possibility of alternate flights. However, I have also insured the trip against any cancellation together with the trip booking. Since due to the cancellation of the confirmed trip from the part of the airlines and as they are not proposing any alternatives I have my claim as per the insurance scheme.

I request you to pay attention to the rights of the large number of customers being harassed and exploited through the abrupt actions of the Airlines.


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