Golden gate Properties – company is extremely low on ethics

In Dec 2010 Golden gate Properties / Golden gate Builders gave us a payment date (one of the many), which did not materialize as expected. We sent a legal notice in Jan 2011 to them for which they should have as per law replied within 15 days. The finance in charge expressed his helplessness saying the management wants six months to one year more for payment (this is after 2.5 years of delay). What can you expect from such a company who thinks that they are even above the law? The company is extremely low on ethics though their website shows otherwise. Now they have started a new company by the name called Prisha Properties to trap more people I sincerely hope people do not deal with such as company. If there are others who are in a similar situation please let us connect. We are planning to file a suit against them now. Please, either comment or suggest us with a way out. Waiting for more suffered people to join with us.

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