Gradura Leisure Private Limited – Amount taken and did not provide service. All offices in Kolkata are closed. No one is contactable(Fraud)

Reported By: Arvin Mallick

Contact information:
Gradura Leisure Private Limited Kolkata & Guwahati
Membership Number – GLPLK#3014

This company made us join them for the purpose of they help us in planning our vaccation and providing free rooms all over India and outside India as well along with other facilities yearly for 30 years by paying Rs381000 where they agreed to provide us vacation facility for 30 years. However, after using some of the facilities like some movie tickets they stopped responding to my messages and ignored phone calls. Recently I have visited their registered office and found that all their offices in Kolkata are closed in saltlake city Center 1 and in The Chambers Kasba. Made down payment via cash and remaining amount I am still paying via EMI every month, yet I am not receiving any services and no way to contact them. Tried contacting them in every possible means for the past 3 months without any success. No point in stopping the EMI since cibil rating will be effected and they already received all the amount before hand. The contact person on an one on one basis for this company provided by them were: Tanveer Alam, Preyosi and the contact numbers of them are : 079-80669577, 8805610995 & 7003599615 respectively. Now no one is contactable. Initially they stated to wait till June for some issues to get resolved of their own and will resume services from July, however, from July till now they are totally not contactable. This is a fraud that has happened to me. I would request for the refund of the whole amount. Adding of the interest along with the amount will be ideal, however if not along with the interest atleast the full amount refund is what I ask for. The membership number provided to me is GLPLK3014. Got associated with this company regarding the tour by looking at the website and finding customer care numbers available along with it visited both the offices in Kolkata, however all these got closed when I visited them recently after trying to contact them via all possible means like calling in the landline number, mailing them, even WhatsApp them in the registered mobile number. Contacted the one on one person number provided to me. Kindly help us in getting the refund.

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