Gulf Drilling International – Check for foreign job is fake or real

respected Sir / Madam, I got mail from Gulf Drilling International regarding job opening i apply for it after two i receive a mail for interview question also submit the answer. Now i got a Letter Of Appointment From Gulf Drilling Inter. I attached my Appointment Please Refer is it real or Fake . Letter : Letter_of_Appointment_-Praveen-Kumar Gulf Drilling International Ltd Main Airport Road, Building no. 4718, Doha – State Qatar Email [email protected] LETTER OF APPOINTMENT CANDIDATE NAME: Praveen Kumar APPLIED FOR POSITION TO WORK IN GULF DRILLING INTERNATIONALS IN THE STATE OF DOHA, QATAR On behalf of Gulf Drilling International Ltd We are pleased to offer you this job and we trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets. In respect of Chairman of the Board, We are here to congratulate you on your passed interview. Your admission for employment has been approved. In regards to this, you have to start your VISA processing within the time limit given in other for the appointment not to be terminated. You are to pursue all your travelling documents as per company’s instruction as directed. You are not required to go against company instruction since appointment has been granted as such act Leeds to instant termination. Should you accept this job offer? Per company policy you’ll be eligible to receive the following amount beginning on your hire date. • For us to reserve your work position and not give it to anybody else, when your begin processing your employment visa, the visa agent will issue you a CLARIFICATION LETTER which you will have to send to us as proof of processing, so we can Reserve your work position and also start making accommodation ready for you on your arrival in Qatar. • Salary: Monthly starting from 8,000.00USDpaid in by account or direct cash deposit. • Free accommodation with family. • Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual gross salary paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct cash deposit. • Joining Date: Will be decided upon after seven day of starting your VISA processing. Job Location Gulf Drilling International Ltd Main Airport Road, Building no. 4718 Doha Email:[email protected] Benefits: Gulf Drilling International Ltd provides benefits for salaried-exempt employees, including the following: • Current Account. • 401(k) retirement account. • Child day-care assistance. • Education assistance. • Health, dental, life and disability insurance. • Profit sharing. • Sick leave. • Vacation and personal days.   APPOINTMENT GRANTED gdi Gulf Drilling International Ltd.

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  1. hai mates:
    even i have got same everything as you said but i have confusion weather its fake . They were asked me i need to pay the money for visa processing charge tell me its genuine or not i have attached my appointment letter

  2. Even i got the same from
    [email protected]
    and on further enquiring they send me from another email address
    [email protected]

    Remember friends, As i suspected they increase it from 8000 USD to 11500 USD with little argument and they ask me to deposit money in one of their personnel account. Agent whom i spoke to was
    e: Mr. Ibrahim Kojo (Officer in Charge of Visa Department)
    Office Address: EP-31A, Chandargupta Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021 India
    E-mail: [email protected]
    > Appointed Candidates by companies =24,550 INR (TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY INDIAN RUPEES)
    > Applying individual without company offer letter = 28,000 INR (TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND INDIAN RUPEES)

    On asking if I can go myself for the visa instead of taking his help, this guy felt offended and refuse to help if I go myself for visa. After that I found this post, on more checking i found that the email address of Gulf Drilling International Co. is
    [email protected]

    see the difference these frauds are using a domain name similar to confuse… they sent email from [email protected]

    Donot fall in trap, no one offers good salary job without a difficult interview.

  3. even I received this mail, I doubted its authenticity from day one, friends beware of these frauds. take care, bye

  4. hello praveen…even i got the same email on may 24, 2014..and today they said that i got the job…so is it confirmed that this job is real?? please verify and tell na.