Gulf Drilling International Ltd – Is this true or fake

Gulf Drilling International Ltd
Email:[email protected]:

If you are receiving this mail, you are one of the candidates appointed to work with Gulf Drilling International Ltd.

This is to notify you that we have confirmed Online Interview Questions, and has undergone checking by the chairman of the board, we congratulate you on passing your online interview questions, you have been appointed to come to Qatar to work with us.

Your employment contract will last for two years, and after the two years you can choose to leave of renew your contract, your educational background and work experiences are very impressive and your eligibility to work with us has been confirmed.

Important Notice:
1. Your Letter of Appointment is only valid for “30Days”.
2. The entire travelling formalities required and VISA will be taken care of by you.
3. For us to reserve your work position and not give it to anybody else, when your begin processing your employment visa, the visa agent will issue you a CLARIFICATION LETTER which you will have to send to us as proof of processing, so we can reserve your work position and also start making accommodation ready for you on your arrival in Qatar.
4. Flight Ticket will be provided by the company management soon as we confirm that your employment visa is ready.

Your Letter of Appointment is attached in this mail.
You have to send it to our Agent working in the Qatar Embassy in India for recognition and processing of your VISA.

Agent Information:
Name: Mr.Robert Mohammed (Officer in Charge of Visa Department)
Visa Charges:
Ø Appointed Candidates by companies =32,500 INR (THIRTY TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED INDIAN RUPEES ONLY)
Ø Applying individual without company offer letter =36,000 INR (THIRTY SIX THOUSAND INDIAN RUPEES ONLY)
Mobile: +91-88-60946226
E-mail: [email protected]

Note: that if by any way you do not follow his instruction as stated, your offer may be pending till further notice and this appointment is valid for twenty working days before termination, except candidate is willing to renew and pay the penalty for putting us into stress. Please Endeavour to update us on your successful processes with them for liaison purpose after three weeks of your visa processing.

Gulf Drilling International Ltd
Email:[email protected]

Is this Fake or What………………………….
Please rply me as soon as possible…………………….

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  1. hey anes i am ashish jaiswal . i am a mechanical enginer. i have also got that mail from the gulf drilling international. Even i am also confused that is it fake or true.
    Did u get any recomendation or conformation regarding the job.
    please let me know what to do i am very confused