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This is to bring in notice that Helios Developers doesn’t give salary for the month in which sales of an individual is 0 or less than the set target. The company gives the reason that since sale is 0 hence no salary will be given. On the other hand, there are few employees, who are in sales sometimes do sales sometimes don’t do sales, but company not only give them salary, provides them leisure also e.g. foreign trips, expensive house rent, shoppings, movies etc. The company is false at its commitments. They release the brokerages in 2 years. They don’t have any sensible calculation for the justification of salary. they say to do 5 times of the salary amount. No issue, we agree that 3 times, 5 times or 8 times of salary is considered for salary justification. But check this calculation: employee’s salary; 25, 000/- p.m. Justification to do: 1, 25, 00, 000/- guys, is 1.25 CR 5 times of 25, 000/- or 500 times of 25, 000/-? As per universal calculations, 5 times of 25, 000/- is Rs. 1.25 lakhs. that means an employee has to save this much amount out of the brokerage so that the company can make its revenue. But, logically speaking, when we people do even 1 cr then the company saves atleast 3 lakhs, and in this condition also, company deducts the salary thinking that the employees are fool and they can’t do anything. They know very well that it’s illegal. Its natural to see once or twice a year any sales performer to be at 0 sales, in this case, the company ignores the business of entire year and rudely holds the salary. They keep on wasting time one by one saying, ” main kamal sir se baat karti hun, main chandni se baat karti hun” etc. etc. Wrong working for salary calculation. Moreover, The company never gives incentives in a single go. they pay incentives in 3 years which is not full again. To calm the employees frustrations, they throw the parties. Good idea. One thing I never understood, what is the role of Chandni Bubber here? She doesn’t do sales. Even when she was in sales, she hardly managed to get 1 sales in 3 months. Everyone knows, she didn’t had issues like salary holdings. Everyone knows why. Silently, she is the managing director to the company, without having real estate knowledge, without having business knowledge. No justifications. One sales employee gets 15% hike on existing salary for doing hard work for the entire year and gives 16 crores business to the company, while on the other hand, Ms Shipra (best friend to chandni bubber), enters into the organization @10, 000/- per month and at the end of year, she has been provided a hike of Rs. 17, 000/- per month. we never understood how the organization justifies the hike of 17, 000/-. These two girls only do waste of time. Neither they have minds nor they have ethics. Both have been provided BMW as cab, house rent, dine out expenses, foreign trips like Dubai. Brokers ko to dene ke liye paise hote nahi hai lekin dubai ghoomane ke liye bahut paise hain. Wadhwa ji, pls wake up and stop this nonsense. Focus on business man. Can’t you see, these two stupid girls are good for nothing to the organization. & stop this salary holdings type cheap acts. I welcome the employees of helios to share with their problems freely. Their issues will be resolved and kept secret.

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  1. Thanks Bro ! for sharing your past at Helios Developers, I also got a call for an interview but I wouldn’t like to go that type of Bulls**t company.

  2. Oh my god!!!!! thank god. I received call from a consultant about job vacancy for this company. I was just going through over web just to check about this broker but I must be thankful to you dear.

    You saved me. I ll tell my friend also as he was also looking for a job there. Why should experienced people like us waste our time with such an unethical brokerage house?

    Thanks a ton. I ll inform the job consultant about this. tc