Henry Harvin – German Language A1 Level

Reported By: Vivek Thimothy

Contact information:
Henry Harvin Noida, Uttar Pradesh

This is a true story of what happened to me when I joined Henry Harvin. I want everyone of you reading this to know how you can be cheated if you buy their course.
I came to know about Henry Harvin on Google when I was searching for best German language course online. When I opened its website and viewed their brochure and accreditations, I thought maybe this might be the best online course. So I contacted them. They were very friendly at the beginning. They said there will be a demo class so that we can make up our mind whether to buy this course or not. The demo class was okay.. not too bad. On 15th Jan 2023, I paid ₹12,500 for A1 Level German (Full amount) and they sent me a link on email so that I can attend live classes and access E-learning materials. The very next on 16th, there was complementary session on soft skills (Cracking interview related queries and tips).. I attended that class. And on 17th, my first day of curriculum related German class was supposed to start, but then the trainer canceled the class, without prior notice. And on the following day on 18th, the trainer preponed our regular timing schedule 2 hours earlier without informing us. Therefore I knew the classes are poorly structured and not good. I was disappointed and not satisfied with the classes. So I informed Henry Harvin’s support team that I need refund, because the classes were not good and trainers/instructor cancelling classes. I have read and gone through the company‘a website on refund policy, and I am perfectly eligible to ask for refund because (1) I am raising refund request not more than 7 days of purchasing the course; (2) I have not attended more than 1 online class; Even Henry Harvin says 100% refund will be applicable if an event was cancelled. So I am perfectly eligible. So I wrote an Email to Henry Harvin’s finance about this issue. Till now, no response from them. Then on 20th Jan, a few finance team staff called me and said that this issue will never happen again and they said they can’t refund the amount. They didn’t say why. They just said refund is not possible. I insisted on why they won’t give refund, and one of them hung up the call. So it was clear this company is mainly run by fraudsters who themselves violate the company’s rules and policies, just to not give back the refund. Unfortunately this is widely happening across India. So please don’t fall into their website trap of believing Henry Harvin is great… It is a fraud company who takes money from you and remain silent to refund if we are eligible. Such a horrible company I have seen in my life! Please don’t waste your precious money to reach into the hands of fraudsters.


How to file a complaint against Henry Harvin?

* Go to page
* Write Henry Harvin in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Henry Harvin.

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