Henry Harvin – Bad Service after taking admission

Reported By: san_joshiin

Contact information:
Henry Harvin

I signed up for this Institute’s SAP SD course, but there are several problems.

1) The original course duration was one month, but it was increased to two and a half.

2) Throughout the course, everytime I ran across server problems, I submitted an email with the appropriate printouts, but instead of fixing the problems, they gave me access to another server, wasting my time as I repeated the same tasks over and over.

Mr. Ajeet was hired as the relationship manager, however he never answered the phone or returned my messages.

4) They promised to place me when I finished the course, but for the past month, no one has been able to tell me who is in charge of placement because everyone has insisted that it is not their duty. Not a single opportunity I have received from them.


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