– Wrongful issue of coupons

I had purchased a book from (3rd July, 2013). With that, the company provided me a coupon which would entail one Rs.1000 as discount on local air travels, booked from The conditions mentioned were followed by me. However, when I tried to put the coupon to use, I received a prompt as invalid coupon. On constant follow ups from both and, I was given another coupon (unfortunately with the same coupon code as before) . When I tried to use this coupon, it showed the same problem. On further follow ups, customer care claims that the discount in coupon can be claimed only on flights along with hotel bookings. Such booking at hotels are nowhere mentioned in the coupon, nor was conveyed to me when they issued a duplicate coupon.

I have missed few best deals in order to use such coupons, ending to book flights at last time, resulting in high costs, or travelling by train. This has resulted in lots of harassment, apart from the monetary loss. officials have been negligent enough not to revert and explain the status of the complaint already lodged with them. Kindly help.
Subham Agarwal
[email protected]

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