home shop 18 – defective goods and wrong item

i have ordered casual mens hamper containing two lydc london loafer shoes black and brown and one lydc drum bag and two pair of socks and one austin polo sunglasses . and by mistake i get lydc london sunglasses instead of austin polo sunglasses which i have seen in internet as well as on television.and also get the wrong shoe size…so i send back the courier to hs18..and after some days i get a new courier from hs18..containing again the wrong sunglasses of lydc london.now this time i get the wright shoe size…but the black shoe has some manufacturing defect in it…and has a big pointed nail inside it which injured my foot in a very bad way….so tell me what to do futher….and they even dont reply to my emails and even not refund my courier charges

Rajan choudhary

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  1. Sir,
    We are purchasing an xpad calling Tablet in your home shop 18 but it is defective and watch not working.
    My order no & date is-935148125 & 05 dec 13. Received date -11 dec 13
    I have no response in my complain so please change my Xpad calling keypad.
    note- my complain against no responce.