Honda Motorcycles – Cone Set Problems

Respected Sir,
With due respect that I have brought new HONDA CB SHINE on 24 July 2012. I do regular services in GL HONDA Nawalgarh. Before three months I have face a staring problem. I check two time in GL HONDA Nawalgarh during bike service time. But the problem is not solved. After that the GL HONDA Nawalgarh say to me that,”the cone set work fell down”. They said to replace cone set. I already Know that cone set have longer life comparison then other parts and I also know that cone set is when work fell down as following:
*Give no proper way of service.
*No lubricants use time to time.
But I do services regular in honda services.
I also faith in honda company but the faith is gone away by this services.
one year old bike have repairing then I don’t advise for purchase new honda’s bikes.
This is not my mistake this is your company mistake. So Please solved my problems.

T hank’s.
Prashant Jangir
Asst. Prof. Computer Science

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