Highly unapologetic; and SNAPDEAL+BICANO customer care, buggers,SUPERVISORS are just a bunch of buffoons. As much as Bicano is to blame, equal blame goes to Snapdeal.

Order History –
Bikano Gulab Jamun and Kaju Katli-Diwali Special 1500Gm

Order Number – 1365565174Date of Order – 25 Oct, 2013
Date of delivery – 01 November 2013Time of Delivery -16:10

History –
I ordered bicano sweets from snapdeal on 25th October for ocassion of diwali to my relatives in gujarat (for my sis,jiju and their family) . A got a good price for it and all that is great.They had received it on 1st of november and my sis confirmed me.On 4th of november my sis called me for birthday wish and then i asked her how were the sweets and then she told me about the complete matter which was as follow-

My sis and her 2 nephews (one 7 yrs old and one 9 yrs old) each took one piece of kaju katli ;after eating same they felt something is bad and jiju who also took the piece of kaju katli just checked the base and saw some whites spots at the base and to his surprise it was FUNGUS……. ; soon they suffered from vomiting and diziness ; in short they suffered from FOOD POISONING they were is shock and they did’nt informed me as they thought i will be feeling bad and guilty .

I immediately called up snapdeal to inform them about the issue

Customer Care Calls to Snapdeal-
I let them knw about complete issue and asked them immediately to transfer the call to some superior person ; after 10 minutes of hold they transferred to their supervisor ??

Supervisor : if their was fungus on the kaju katli ; why did you ate ?

i thought for a moment chu**** if i had been knowing there was fungus in the sweet why would i had ate it ….

Me : It was at base and some white spots ; was visible only on close inspection ; we ate 3 pieces , a big mistake that i made an order from you and ate it ; ok

Supervisor : send me the pics we will look into it .

Me : dont worry i will send you more then pics for your satisfaction…
Why Snapdeal is to be blamed ?
1.Why did they delivered the product with no manufacturing date written on it and with shlves life of just 5 days …. when the product i received was 6 days after placing order ; how old the sweets must be ???????????

2.Why snapdeal always doubt on customers ; after complaining them ; they asked me why you ate when their was fungus ????????????
(Can someone eat the stuff with fungus after knowing the same)

3.Why the same kaju katli is still being sold on ?

Why Bicano is to be blamed ?
1.Why are they selling the product without manufacturing date and product with best before of 5 days ?

2.Can they take responsibility if something major had happend and i believe many people have bought kaju katli through them ; what if someone did’nt notice ??

3.No manufacturing date ; how old it must be ; i am worried to hell
Why its a big deal for me?
It was first diwali for my sister at her inlaws and what impresion I have made on them ; they will check all my parcels with a suspicious feeling from next time and will have a close inspection on them ?

Now what?
Just replacing the kaju katli wont be a solution ; It’s a serious offence and if someone from snapdeal doesn’t calls me back and ask me what compensation they want ; i will go to police station and lodge a FIR against them.

Read full matter here –

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