Hurmain Placements – Big Cheater

its totally fake promises there is no hr references they just take walk in details from job portal sites they r just collecting money thats it apart from that nothing they ill do for us. Big Cheater even they dont have any mnc company tied up for jobs in IT Sector. they r playing with students life. Be aware of this consultancy ……
they dont provide proper bill for our money not even seal will b there in that bill. Please guys dont go to this consultancy…

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  1. dude did u get ur money back as i had paid them more than 2 months ago n i vent face any interview yet n they dont even reply my mail..

    1. hello ranjan even i paid 4500 in Hurmain placements 3 month back ,but i got placed from my end it self within 1 month i applied for refund they refunded my amount last moth only by deducting 500 as a service tax , you will get your amount back only after 3 month of your registration date