Hyundai – faulty spare part

I gave my car for servicing at HYUNDAI KRISHNA located at PARSADA BILASPUR CHHATTISGARH..i got a call from the service guy that the Radiator has to be replaced,i said yes for thhe same..after I got my car I left for RAIPUR..but halfway the radiator started leaking and my car broke down..somehow I managed to safely reach my home .. I called SHIVNATH HYUNDAI RAIPUR regarding the radiator fitted in my car..they told me that sir the model no which has to fitted in your car is different from the one which is there…I consulted few garages , they told me that it could be a duplicate product . HYUNDAI KRISHNA charged 4000rs for the radiator total bill amount was 22625 for the servicing INVOICE NO:B201600244.. the company fitted faulty product and charged me 4000 for it, is this how they take care of their customer, please help me to resolve my problem
yours faithfully
suhel khan

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