I am complaining about my money is frozen shein.care – Shein.care

Reported By: Shikha Sharma

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I am complaining about my money is frozen shein.care Dubai

These are the scammers. First they made me earn little $ commission on one day. Then after i trusted them and invested 2150$ to make commission of 900$ they have the link to the website to grab the order which is (https://shein.care/#/) i grabbed the order and made commission and then i have processed to withdraw the amount and after the withdrawal request I didn’t received my money and contacted to the shop agent who was guiding me and she told to contact customer support on the website and i have contacted the support and she told me your account is abnormal because you change the ip address as on first day you use 4g cellular data and the 2nd day you use wifi so the security department has blocked your money until further verification and for verification they asked me to deposit the matching amount worth of 1561.251$ so they will verify it and release your payment. Which I didn’t deposit as I completely understood that they are scammers and this money will be gone as well. So please be aware of them.
These are 2 ladies. One the receptionist who will guide you and the other is shop manager who will procees your payment into their website account for you to grab the order to make commission. And they contacted me through saying they are the store promoters on amazon. And they will add you in a group where they will send links to follow products store on amazon which consists of 2$ commission

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