igemployement fraud

igemployement is a fraud company.on saturday 16/11/2013 i get an call from one boy named Rahul Kashayp from no. 911409304139. he talked with me and convey me about their service of getting 100% job by registering with 1798 /- amt.he never told me that he will take again two big amt of 4494 /- and 6220 from me for verification of documents and modification of resume respectively.
my bad luck and stupidness that i registered 1st amt 1798 /- with them.after paying this it will ask for 4494 /- ,i argued but he said their is a two step to confirm it.i again done my transaction of 4494.den the next page is asking for 6220 /- amt then i fought with them and ask to back my money but he starts arguing with me,”we are providing u good oppurtunity and you are fighting with me,if you get job from dis portal then don’t even say sorry to me.”and also starts conveying me that you are like my sister why should i cheating you i cut the phone. now i unable to get my money back.now unable to contact on their given number.and i unable to cancel my transaction

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  1. I have the same problem as yours , please contact me soon if you are there,
    my contact no. is +919935252877,+918604748118 and my email id is [email protected] ,
    I am going to the court and soon i will deliver the legal notice to the IGEmployment .If you contact me then our legal notice will have more weight.