indiabulls real estate – First big investment at Blu

Indiabulls Blu is my first big investment buy in Mumbai. And since it was my first buy initially I was a bit reluctant and confused about the developer and the project because I have come across lot of disturbing stories about the builder and its various issues with its investors. I wanted to be absolutely sure about the project before putting in my hard earned money into it. Though I had read a lot of good reviews about the developer. I wanted something more solid to come to consensus. I had seen few other projects by other developers but was not too happy about either the location or the amenities that they offered. But none of them convinced me as much this one. When I met the sales guy and went through the entire layout of the construction, I got absolutely sure about my investment. They not only offered some of the best high class and state-of the art living, but also resort kind of experience with over 70 amenities within the complex.

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