J K Take one – set top box

J K Take one
chennal jammu,

Respeted sir,

the set top box provided by the new universal cable network kak sarai karan nagar srinagar last 18 months back. but the signal problem and non technical staff created onsevera occassions.. so we deside to back the set top box to new universal cable network and he told me you have to pay Rs600/= for new set top box so please reply me that the Rs 600/= charged by that cable network is genuine. and i want to speedy action in this regard thanks and oblige sir,

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  1. Unfortunately I Don’t Know What Happened To My Set Top Box… It Shows Data Base Is Empty Click Menu N I Click It Shows ‘ Auto Uptade Failed’ What I Have Do Now…

    1. Harsh Malhotra

      NISAR AH BEIG Sir Don’t worry its a Regular issue of Digital cable just press the blue button on SET TOP BOX and go to settings and after that go to technical settings then if it ask about about 0000 , or 6666 then put Start Frequency as 306 and End Frequency as 568 and on 3rd option if it shows 256 decease it to 64 then click OK button :Tip Try this method in Mid night or Early morning you’ll get more channels because after 12:00 pm signal is not good
      Hope it was Helpful
      Thankyou sir

  2. Masood Ahmad Shah

    Dear Sir,

    I am Masood Ahmad from METHAN chanapora.It is very unfortunate that u are having very laziest cable operators in the area of chanapora as it has been very long time when I met with the cable operator at their office situated at baghi mehtab.They gave me number and name of area cable boy.I contacted him several time to install the cable at my home but all of vains as I stopped my TATASKY before a month and contacted with cable operator, he only promising me to install the cable but still not come.He is fraud and cheater and plz take action against him.It is very bad,now I tired and helplessly write to your good self.Hope for positive node.
    Masood Ahmad