Take 1 JK Media , Jammu – Poor service – Prompt "No Signal contact cable operator"

I am from Bantalab Jammu. Cable Operator is from Barnai Road Near Sukki Nehar, Bantalab, Jammu With the installation of new set top box which was installed at a cost of INR1400.00 as set up charges, we have been experiencing very poor service with the prompt “No Signal – Please contact your cable operator”. Again n Again. from the day we installed the setup box. the picture quality is very poor and sound quality too. On calling the local technicians, the numbers shared with us are switched off or he rarely pick the call. he always reply that he will not help us we have to wait. but now today is 4th day continuously our cable network doesn’t work it shows “No Signal – Please contact your cable operator” since 4 days. and technicians replied that he will not help us. This happens several times a day and has been repeated everyday since the installation was done.

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