Jaypee Greens, Jaiprakash Associates Limited, Sector 128, Noida – delay in correction of BSP of my unit no JGSLD1021204 from Rs2999 to Rs2833

delay in correction of BSP of my unit no JGSLD1021204 from Rs2999 to Rs2833


* I have purchased JGSLD1021204 unit in Kove at pre launch period on April 2011.

*after the allotment of unit Jaypee informed their channel partner Buniyad Retail that the Basic Sales Price had been changed to Rs3400 from Rs3600.

*They have also given the brokerage to Buniyad Retail on BSP@ Rs 3400 against my unit and send him new latest brochure with BSP @3400.

*They asked Buniyad to inform the units holders, booked by them at previous rate @3600, to send their respective booking details to Jaypee with their email Id which is mentioned in the booking form for amendment of Payment Plan with New BSP (3400/-).

* I received an email on 7 Jan 2012 from Buniyad Retail that “the Basic Sales Price has been changed to Rs3400 from Rs3600. You are requested to kindly send your respective booking details to the below mentioned staff of Jaypee with your email Id which is mentioned in the booking form and Jaypee will send you the amended Payment Plan with New BSP (3400/-).”

* I sent the request letter to Jaypee for amendment of Payment Plan to New BSP 2832 (@3400-(15+2)% Down Payment discount ) from Rs 2999 (@3600-(15+2)%)

* Jaypee sent my request to concern department (Jaypee commercial ) to amend my payment plan with new BSP @3400

*Mr Surendra Sharma, in charge of Kove at that time, called me on 16 Jan 2012 and told me on phone that “if you had CLP plan then I would have issued you the amended payment plan but you have DP plan and you have already paid 95% down Payment so there is no pending dues in your account till possession . So I can’t raise any further payment plan till possession against your unit. So Rs 1,44,942 is being credited to your account against difference between BSP 3400 and 3600 by our concern department and now your BSP is @2832 (3400). Hence any increase or decrease area is calculated on @Rs 2832 (3400).”

*When I told him that please refund me this difference amount back because I have already paid required 95% in DP plan. He told me that you would be eligible for EPD, after credit of this amount in your account, at the time of possession.

*I was told next day “The credit note has been issued for Rs 1,44,942 as a special discount On 17™Jan 2012”

I have been writing you for about three years but neither you credited the above amount nor updated my BSP to Rs 2832 (3400) instead Jaypee always asked to send whole details again and again every year.

My fault was that I had selected DOWN PAYMENT PLAN otherwise this amount would have been adjusted in next installment payment.

I am very surprised to see Statement Of Account ( SOA ) of my unit that my account has debit balance and they have charged interest also whereas my account should have been credit balance

I have already paid more than your demand letter amount after deduction of above amount. It is their fault that they didn’t update the BSP or credit the above amount.

I have above ground to claim BSP @Rs 2832 (3400) instead of Rs @Rs 2999 (3600) against my unit no JGSLD1021204 in Kove.

Jaypee have all records of dues related to customer in SOA but they don’t have any record of credits related to customer in SOA.

Now please you are requested to order them to please do the needful to amend the BSP 2832 (3400) from 2999 (3600)


Your faithfully
Anu Mahajan

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