Reported By: Siddharth Singh

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They are fraud company and doing fraud with so many guys. They have not given any work and then started blackmailing via calling, texting and mails are coming continuously for illegal notices. A hard case should be filled against these type of such fraudsters and they should be jailed as soon as possible. They are making a joke in the name of company that is providing work from home and part time work and playing a fraud game with youngsters who are seeking for job in their poor financial conditions. They are seeking fun out of this but those poor youngsters didn’t know about this fraud and some are restless and worried because of this fraud company and then are asking for money from them. They should pay the compensation and full leverage to all those who have wasted their time and hard earned money on this company. Some of them also being not in good mental condition and worried about all the illegal notices this company is sending regardless of thinking what will be the effect of this fraud on those youngsters and their family members. 100% fraud company which is even not registered with the company’s act And for their information the 2013 legislation has stipulations for increased responsibilities of corporate executives in the IT sector, increasing India’s safeguards against organised cyber crime by allowing CEO’s and CTO’s to be prosecuted in cases of IT failure. All those to whomsoever this company is harassing and their representatives file a complaint against this company and against them.


How to file a complaint against JD TECHNOLOGY?

* Go to page
* Write JD TECHNOLOGY in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from JD TECHNOLOGY.


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