Karpaga Itech – Rama Luckshmanan – Karpaga Itech – Rama Luckshmanan — Karpaga ITech,Bangalore-Rama Luckshmanan – He is fraud and criminal-Ready to do anything for money

Karpaga Itech – Rama Luckshmanan Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Ahmad Al

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Karpaga Itech – Rama Luckshmanan

Rama Luckshmanan worked with our company in our country.He stolen our company datas and shared with other group in india. He is fraud. We are not took action against him one and only for his future.

Above compliant shows that,he is repeating the same every where. that’s why i’m writing here.

He is technology fraud and criminal. Don’t believe him and entertain him.

He started on his own Company in the name of Karpaga ITech. That’s also fraudulent company.Lot of criminal activities are happening. They don’t have any proper resource. All are trainers, make use of them. Doing the ilegal activity and earning money out of it. Rama Luckshmanan is ready to do anything for money.

He is worst sap Hana trainer and consultant.

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