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Karpaga ITech – Rama Luckshmanan Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: MichaelRaj

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Karpaga ITech – Rama Luckshmanan

Rama Luckshmanan Proprietor Karpaga ITech

My brother worked with this person. He screwed my brother life. Wherever Rama Luckshmanan goes,he call the girl participants to room. He is stolen the data from most of the clients. He always give importance to money.He is not care about employees.He is always bother about his brand name and popularity. He use all bad language and scold the employees.He is not paying salary also. he sucks the employees blood and live his life. he is not trained or given opportunity to employee. When my brother applied for resignation, he used all bad words and scolded my whole family. Actually ….. all girls in the name of training.thats why this ….company lady hr also working from her home. my brothers other friends also working there.please …. this Rama Luckshmanan and his company karpaga itech.

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