– fraudulent e-commerce website.

Reported By: Rajan Sareen

Contact information:
LT Online Store

I have already filed a case to National Cyber Crime Police against this website owned by Mr. DIPESH MANDAN DHADHI. The Police may contact me for some other details which you can provide me. Therefore, all the victims of this fraudulent e-commerce website (URL: who have been cheated like me are requested to contact me at my mobile phone 7678578467 to give details or send me the details of their order (i.e., Your Name, Order No., Order Date, Amout prepaid, Status of Order in brief) at my e-mail id ( This information would be very useful to make the case stronger and to get this website blocked as soon as possible so that other people don’t get cheated in future… With regards. Rajan Sarin

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  1. Ravindra Joshi

    Order # 20-21-230299 dated 20/05/2020 placed on LT Online Store, Mumbai not Delivered Despite Advance Payment
    I have not received my ordered item till now from LT online store despite several reminders to them via emails. It is now more than a month since I placed my order. And I have fully paid for the item in advance. I have been trying their phone numbers repeatedly since the last one month. They either do not pick up the phones or the phones are engaged. I have not been able to talk to them even once.
    On my threatening them with legal action, they sent a mail around 14 days back saying that they will despatch soon. But nothing has happened yet. I do not even know my order status. They are such frauds.

    I have registered a complaint against them with the cyber crime police. It will soon be at their door and teach them a lesson.

    On reading that I have registered a complaint against, they sent me the same mail yesterday that they sent me 14 days back saying they will despatch soon. They are such spineless creatures that they still didn’t tell me my order status.

  2. I had also placed an order for webcams on 22 June 2020
    Tax Invoice Number : XX-XX-244188
    Amount : 4455.68
    Haven’t received anything till date,
    – customer care calls no response
    – Emails automated response / no response
    – cancellation option not given, in spite of repeatedly sending email for the same.
    Also logged in a complaint at , you may do the same as well

    Big scamming going on

  3. There is still accepting the orders and not replying to calls and emails and they do not even provide facility to cancel the other from their own website. I have been fooled by this fraudsters in January by purchasing from their website. I have tagged crime branch and police on Twitter against this website but nobody even cares.
    These frauds have strong backing and hence they are still looting people mercilessly.

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