Magic Holidays – Frod company not given salery they did’t give full and final

Magic Holidays is very froad company and cheater company they did’t give salery i was working last this 3 years this orginization but still this company not given full and final nobody auntihick person everybody say talk to Head offioce but head office nobody pick our call mr. chandrkant salve he is very layer Mr. sudhir Morawekar is chairman. and ceo. Mr Hitesh Kishatriya is layar person. they did’t given jaipur person full and final .they were close imadetally jaipur branch. mr. Prashant guha and ceo. mr. hitesh kishatriya promice every employe we will give full and final but till date i m not get full and final status very froad company. Magic Holidays Murdabaad????????????

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  1. dont post anything by my name.
    and its kalpesh tripathi not triphati.

    dear all

    this is completely fraud post send by unknown person by my name. i dont know why he or she post this here. but my overview about organisation is very good and i am fully satisfied with the company rules and regulations. company given good services to the client and all employee get entire money of f & f. due to higher costing and low business company close jpr branch but entire operation and services to client provided by head office.

    i had good experience with the organistion and request all to kindly avoid this kind of scam post in future and enjoy your dream holiday with magic holiday.

    request to the person who post this here by my name if in future this kind of comment posted by my name then i will launch FIR in police.