hello sir/mam,

I am harsh vardhan and want to complain against make my dream holiday company which is claiming to be the company which provides vacation to the people . They had called and told me about their plans . Whatever the promises was made nothing has been fulfilled. Infact i had paid 6999/ and i was told that i ll get a welcome kit within 10-12 days but nothing has been received. When i called to the customer care they had given a consignment number of dtdc which was also fake. Now when i am trying to contact their customer care it is out of reach or not reachable. Their customer care number is 011 65000144. Now what is the procedure to get the money back.



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  1. Hi Harsh,

    I also got a similar kind of call from these guys. All these guy are fake and looting people. Probably you should try lodging a police complaint. I got call from this No. 92120 50017.


    1. I am also a victim of the same nature. Nobody should be encouraged with such phone calls.
      I am thinking to take legal steps.
      Anindya De

    2. Hi ,Even i am a victim of this day light fraud. though I got a parcel containing a watch ,wallet sun glasses and a discount car with a holiday voucher after makinig humpty number of calls to this number viz 08802948596.I still keeping in touch with them on an another number09582290876
      to redeem the holiday voucher but in vain ! Be careful guys

  2. Just received a call from Makemydream phone num +91-9212209832
    With the same offier
    After reading your review… I don’t think I’ll take up this offer.


  3. Hello All,

    Thanks for writing this column. I received a call from +91-9212147877.

    Which i am not going to take now after reading this.
    Also I am wondering how can a mobile number be an official number for any service.

    I am dropping the idea now. Thanks for saving guys

    – Raza


    Dear sir/madam,
    Its very unfortunate that no one in the governments is taking punitive measures on the perpetrators of these kind of frauds and its a pity that efforts are also not put to device an effective mechanism to tracing them and catching. So many, even the educated and professionals are also falling prey to their enticements and losing hard earned money. I can only prey God to destroy these people through His own means immediately.

  5. hi to u all i tried sending mails to their email 10 times id but is says wrong email id dz the mail which i tried to send. plz help me to take legal steps.
    There has been a theft from the parcel which my mother has received yesterday evening on 8th oct 2013 from DTDC courier. ma mom didn’t notice the parcel properly where in the parcel seal was opened nd one women’s wrist watch nd a cheque of rs.7 thousand + amount is missing from the parcel. the condition of the watch box is also worse.

    Its a parcel sent by MY DREAM HOLIDAY TEAM which should hve
    1.Two wrists watches OF MEN AND WOMEN ,
    2. Two RayBan goggles , Tommy Hilfiger wallet and a cheque of rs.7000 plus

    from which one women wrist watch and cheque is missing . mom said that the delivery boy was in hurry to leave the premises plz do find the attached pics of the opened parcel condition which i totally crushed . plz do look in to the matter nd solve it asap , if it not possible with u let me file a case on ur Makemy dreamholiday because its ma harden money which i payed for ur package. i will send the pics of the parcel condition in next mail bcoz the file size is over the limit.
    contact me on 9848991033 Mr.C.R.Ramesh.


  6. I got call frm Emm Aar Infosolutions that i got gift voucher frm Make My Dream which i got in courier in 10 days so u have to pay Rs. 7499/- frm your Card. I paid frm my card on 25th Sept 2013 but still i don’t get my courier & also i don’t have any contact nos. of Emm Aar Infosolutions. So please do the needful & call me.

  7. amardeepsinghsappal

    They r just making fool to d people along with master card or visa card powered by them.

    Same thing happens to me. Today’s is 17.10.13.
    Where they debit amour from my credit card on dt 03.10.2013
    Till d time iam not getting any kit from them. When I did d follow up on this no.
    09212217946.they suggest me to call on customer care dept no is 09312486037.they shared me dtdc courier consignment no z02423971 is invalid. When ever I called up they said.they will call back with in 10,minutes. It’s seems to totally fraud case they just have to make d people fools.

    Even me also had a word with avinash nd Sri nivas reddy they assure me I will get d welcome kit by weekend .but till d time nothing have been received.

    Amardeep Singh sappal

  8. I also have the same experience of Make my dreams holiday company. whatever was agreed by the phone was not sent by courier .The condition of courier parcel was very bad .I found only 1 sunglass instead of 2 ,only one wristwatch instead of two & that too was in damaged condition.
    Why these companies are cheating the customers? should we take this matter to the police?

  9. Dear All,
    I had received a similar call. There is someone in their Delhi Office in Tilak Nagar, Mr. Manish Kumar whose contact no. is +919653646830. Maybe you guys can contact him for your refunds.

    Hope it helps.

      1. Hi,

        I trying to contact you from last four days you not receiving the calls, also the contacts given above are not in working. What you say about that.


  10. Dear all,
    Same Fraud Call i Have also recieve today fron mobile number 09212184641.

    this is totally fraud do some legal actions

  11. I too got a similar call today and i went about trying to understanding the offer the benefits etc., and asked them for a website where i can see what comes along in the package etc., and they said i can check out “”. I said i shall check and revert on the same and asked them to call me after some 2 hrs. Fortunately no one returned.

    Luckily I thought I should check this online and I think I m saved from all this headache. One thing I m re-iterating to myself and may be each one of us should do it for ourselves. Nothing comes for free in this world… or discounted price unless they have a risk of expiration of the product. Which ideally is not the case atleast with these items they have promised to deliver.

    Million Dollar Question: This lady and her supervisor who called me had my bank name, My full name, phone number, date of birth and my registered email which is where I was a little convinced that this was a genuine tie up from the bank as well… So be careful guys DO NOT EVER reveal any inputs about your bank or your account # or salary or date of birth to anyone over phone whom you dont know for sure. All the best.

  12. Its all fake,

    I have benn given the magic card saying that it cuts off the total amount, once swapedd at all outlets such as big bazaar, pantaloons. lifestyles etc.

    But Big bazaar has refused to accept this card.

    Also they have send the rayban googles as siad by them, its of so inferior quality, no where seems lyk rayban, anytime we can get those on the roadside vendors stall.

    I have been dupped of Rs. 7499/-.

    I am definitely gonna take legal action towards this company.

  13. Dear Rahul Sharma,
    many have complaint to “make my dream holiday” regarding the fraud committed by people using your organisations name.You have simply told every one that they should send you a mail.Rahul is it not in your interest that in order to protect your organisations reputation you should take up the matter with the police. People have given you mobile numbers from calls were made and you can easily locate them.Few of the numbers like 9716589066,9212475077 are still in use .Rahul the number you have given(9312486037) is not responding.You please take up the matter with the appropriate authorities .

  14. I am also the victim of the same Fraud and paid 7499 on 29 September 2013. I have not received any kit or documents so far. I am Not sure of the number that i had received the call from but one of the persons (name : Kunal Pasricha) claimed that he was a manager with EMP ID : 043 and his mobile number was : 9212147877.
    the above number and also the number provided in their website 09312486037 are not working if we try to reach on those numbers. i vexed trying to call on these numbers and realized that i was cheated by the fake company.

    I am going to lodge a cyber crime complaint and hope can get the details of the account to which my amount was credited and can trace those ppl.

    those cheaters may change the URL of their current website as hell of complaints are popping up about this fraud on the net and may start cheating more ppl with another website name.

    Rahul Sharma –
    Everyone understood that this is not your original name and stop bluffing ppl. if you are right person and if your company is genuine why can’t you provide at least 2 or 3 numbers (a land line number is must for a company) which are properly working.

    All – pls be careful about such dubious, fake calls and do not pay any amount through Credit or Debit cards while talking to the customer care executive (as they claim they are) or by any means. always have the company history and information reviewed on net and if you feel that it is a genuine and popular organization then only proceed further.

  15. To

    Messrs Make My Dream Holiday/Emm Aar Infosol

    Customer care phone/Cell/Mobile: 9312486037

    Dear Sirs,

    You are hereby advised to return the amount of Rs.7499 immediately as payment of Rs.7,499/- made by ICICI bank credit card 4xxx9004 to you on 20 September,2013.

    This request had been made repeatedly to you

    (1) telephonically – On 1st November I talked to Mr.Gopal Rajput by calling up at your customer care mobile number at 1.16 PM(talking to him for 3 minutes and 23 seconds)asking him to refund the amount and credit it to my CC account. He promised that he would do that at the earliest (and get back to me after 10 minutes).

    (2) SMS(text message) –‘PLEASE REFUND AMOUNT OF RS.7499 IN MY CREDIT CARD IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY’sent at 11.00 AM on 6th November,2013 from my mobile 9825613193.

    (3) Electronically –email sent at on 3rd November,2013 from at your email ID requesting immediate refund of amount

    You are hereby advised to get the amount of Rs.7499 immediately credited back to my credit card account from which it was withdrawn by you on 20th September,2013.

    The behaviour and lack of action from all your representatives has made me lose all faith in your organization.I have made umpteen requests to Mr.Rahul Sharma/Ms.Sneha/Mr.Surjit Singh/MrGopal Rajput who picked up the same phone in the last 40 days or so with no remedial action .

    I have sent the following SMS s on that mobile from my mobile 9825613193:-

    Date Time
    05 October,2013 18.30 hours
    07 October,2013 10.41 hours
    07 October,2013 10.59 hours
    09 October,2013 09:45 hours
    10 October,2013 11.37 hours
    21 October,2013 10.37 hours
    6th November,2013 11.00 hours

    The amount must be credited back at the earliest but not later than 15th November. Failure to do that on your part will compel me to take appropriate judicial action including but not limited moving the consumer court and lodging of a criminal complaint.

    You are hereby requested to take immediate remedial action without any further delay. I expect a phone call/email reply at the earliest confirming the action facilitated by you.

    Yours truly,

    Dr. Rajesh Gopal,
    5, Hilton Residency,
    Opposite Shaligram Tower-2,
    Off 100 feet Anandnagar-Prahladnagar Road,
    Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad-380015.

  16. I hae recently become a victim of this fraudulant trap. The package worth 7.5K where they promised to give a mobile, 2 sunglasses, wrist watch, bag, travel offer and shopping discount card has not reached my address yet.

    Rahul, if you think you are not a thief, please contact me at 8095557127 or email me at

  17. Hi All

    Please note these guys have changed their merchant name to VEE ESS Infosolutions. Be carefull. I have decided to take legal action against them and will go to any extent with whatever influence i have. Mr. Rahul i am very much sure that its not your real name. But count on me your bad time starts now..

  18. Even i am one of the victim. I am from Bangalore. I am there with you for whatever action u people take and please feel free to call for any further action. my mobile no.98453 48980.

    1. Yes, my dear frnds I am also one of the victim cheated by make my dream holiday,
      This is new trend of cheating. if any body gets the money back, please let me know.


  19. I have been a victim in the same last year and they tried to make me fool today with a phone call from No. 011 142381517, i have checked the website, but couldn’t fine.
    Let me know if anyone knows it’s not fraud!!!!

    Let me warm you people – They have change to other website::
    So, be careful!


  20. Anybody got amount refunded?

    anybody took any legal action and any positive outcome?

    Seems their number 8802948596 is reachable. Don’t leave these bastards.

  21. Is this `makemydreamholiday’ exist or not ? Why no reply for mail or mobile call ? Anyone has really seen the company, who are in Delhi or NCR ? Onlly those follow up will reveal truth.