Meru Cabs – Very unreliable, led to us missing a flight

Booking ref no: 22672817 The cab was booked for 8:45 PM on 9 Nov from our residence in Bangalore to the Bangalore International airport. By 9:00 PM we called the call center as we had not recieved an SMS with the driver details. Call center said we will get the cab in 5 minutes. We waited till 9:15 PM and went to the airport in our own vehicle. We missed the flight. Also, at 9:20 a cab driver called us asking for the directions. We said we were cancelling as we had already left in our own vehicle. At 9:24 PM we recieved the cab details in an SMS saying ‘thank you for choosing Meru at 9:20 PM’ – so not only did Meru make a BIG mistake – they are also trying to cover it up. After calling the call center for feedback 3 times that evening to discuss the issue, we were still promised that the ‘concerned management’ would call us back in 3 days. Not only had the cabs come late, they have cost us a huge amount on a Bangalore-Delhi flight which was missed, and yet no call back. This is clearly the worst service ever, with no respect for customers time or money. Since Meru is non-responsive, we will take our own route of making sure other prospective customers are aware of this. I finally recieved a call from Meru on 15 Nov (today) almost a week after the incident, saying that they ‘do not have any compensation policy’, but have registered your complaint and will work on our processes.

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