Money India Research – huge loss of 6.5 lakhs

Reported By: Shankar NK

Contact information:
Money India Research

On one fine day i received a phone call from Mr deepak telling he was calling from money India research from indore and provide stock advisery. He convinced me after service calls and made a loss of 15000 on very first day. After that he tell me to pay 3500 to his company for recovery of loss and for 25000, i paid 3500 to them. On next day he demanded 70000 for a service telling me to recover my money and more profit in market around 10lakhs. I paid them the money. On next day he demanded 47000 for an option services and after several call and messages i paid them this amount also. They maintained my de mat account and made my money from 70000 to 4000. They are not attending my calls now and mentally harassing me for more money. Please take strict action to them. One of there representative name is Raghav (+ 91 9179714439 / +91 7987318706)

When i told that i will file complaint in consumer court, he said and I quote “usse kra hoga” meaning what will happen even if i complain. He said consumer court will not be able to do anything.

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