NASWIZ Holidays – Fraudulent

Beware – Naswiz Holidays a Fraud

You must stay cautious. You might get duped in the name of a highly discounted Hotel deal. A person gets tempted upon hearing of 4

trips in 3 star luxury hotel in just 9760/-. But they never reveal the hidden and ugly things which lay under the rosy looking things.
For the welfare of all I wish to reveal this since I underwent this whole ugly experience first hand.

Some Facts about the ugly Naswiz Package –

The holiday season or the festival time is excluded from the package.Such as the summer vacation time of May June and half July is

excluded for all hill stations in North. Year end Winter and Christmas time is also excluded.
You can’t book hotel 2 days before and after any festival such as Diwali, Dusshera, Independance Day etc.

You get to book hotel by sending them the vouchers atleast 25 days before booking date. They must receive it before 21 days.
Bleak chances of you getting the confirmation on desired date. Healthy chances that they will offer you on a different undesired date.

You need to provide them two dates beforehand.

Hotels are cheap sub-standard hotels. 10% of lucky customers get a deluxe hotel. Else you need to bug them for days at stretch by calls and mails for them to change the hotel for you. In my case they offered me a Hotel which had rooms for 700/- per day that too 6-7 kms from the central bus terminal or station. So was the case with many of the friends I know.
For few lucky ones, they end up changing the hotel after persistent bugging.

A friend to me, got his hotel booked on a third date which he never asked for. His hotel had no restaurant. There are many similar stories.

Chances are that they ask you to change the location itself. Reason given is they have no more availability at a particular location.

So very tough to reach out to them over phone.

They never bother replying back to your queries over mail. Since being spurious, they are afraid giving you a written word. I have such mail trails, which I would furnish if requested.

Behavior of some of their executives is Bad.

There are healthy chances that you will never ever make a happy hotel booking.

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  1. hii …friends …plz tell ur experiences about Naswiz business …i attend this session and im impressed ..but im confused by reading this comment …

  2. I completely agree with the above said words. Company has got extremely poor bad spoken customer care executives such as Seema.
    If you are extremely lucky, you might get someone to hear you after numerous attempts, but that too of no use. They will hardly listen to you concerns and will keep reciting their own illogical terms and conditions.
    Despite buying this package, you will hardly get to travel through their booking. I would highly recommend to abstain from wasting your money on Naswiz. Stay Away from such Shams !