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This is my valuable suggestion to all job seekers. I want to tell you about reality of I am cheated by 35000Rs(565$). This should not happen with other innocent job seeker. I am giving you kind suggestion. 1) Please only use free services of site. 2) Please please dont use their paid services say Fast Forward services etc. Dont pay any advance money, that will give you only frustration. 3) Dont tell your credit card number if any naukri staff offer you job over phone. 4) If you make any payment over phone by telling your credit card, you will get email saying that there is no job guarantee. There will be tricky conditions written in the email, they make conditions in such a way that the job seeker cannot appeal in court. 5)Dont trust their sweet talk initially, they will change later. may provide job introduction to 10 people in 100. But 90 people dont get job. Its difficult to provide job to everybody for You can directly search companies on internet and send your resumes to companies directly. You dont need any spoon like for that. There are many job seeker in our country who need job. So many innocent job seeker are used financially by I love to help my all Indian brothers and sisters who are working in IT. I will try for non-IT people also. I can give you guidance. I have 15 years experienc in IT industry. Lets make a group of job seekers and provide job information to each other. Please take my free advice before taking services. Contact me at [email protected] Jaihind

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  1. Naukri FastForward

    Dear Sir,

    At the outset, we express our sincere apologies for the displeasure caused to you.

    With reference to your post we would request you to share your contact number;so that we can address the same accordingly.

    Thanks & Regards
    Naukri FastForward