Naukri – Cheater

Mode of Payment: Online Transfer

This is in reference to Resume Database Service offered by Naukri.(

I registered for 30 days DB access service on 4th February, 2015. It was supposed to expire on 6th

March, 2015.
But Naukri is showing your access expires on 3rd March,2015 (within 27 days)?

I had 2900 CV download access and approx 10,000 email access remaining in my account the day it was


Even on 2nd March,205, My account was showing alert that your service will expire in 7 days.

Company Name: ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 0172-4027788

MOREOVER, now their executives are suggesting me to buy 30 days access again to use your remaining DB


We requested a number of times to Naukri, to give access for remaining 3 days with same account

state. but they don’t even want to consider anything.

I sincerely request you to take very strict action against

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