newshine, shine pro, urgent – be mature,, u unemployed guys b4 jumping into corporate culture n life

I came across many unemployed guys who are being cheated daily randomly in a lure of getting a first class MNC jobs without having market news updates… they don know how to be a practical , just sinking their talents, moneys and brain in frustration for just landing upon a job. These fake calls use their unthinking practical ability, as they know that among bulk calls , some bogus chap (instead avoiding to go for door to door interviews and still a dad’s salary dependent chap) will be easily get lured on these calls. These calls are making huge money like an Insurance firm claiming insurance by getting a just small premium annually from population. Every day these kid of companies get raided by police. And still some guys without knowing anything pay them by sacrificing the saving for their new stylish Jeans.

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