Park Royal Holiday – Scam agent

Reported By: choprasandeep205

Contact information:
Park Royal Holiday

Rahul: Senior Manager is also silent.

Likewise, Ms. Devyanshi defrauded us.

Now that we are attempting to settle in order to save our valuable time, we have requested a return of our money, but the business is also rejecting that.
In addition, despite being promised breakfast and dinner in our welcome letter, we are now only receiving breakfast.
We are unable to speak with higher authorities due to the customer service representatives’ restrictions.

No callbacks or email responses were received.

“May God help you to get healthy soon” if this is how you want to make money.

chant, “Remind you yedayedayedayedayedayedayeda
So “Is lying, deceiving n destroying trust a part of your policy”

‘Naam bade darshan chhote ‘ is the apt line for the company. It is not about holiday ownership, it’s about holiday dictatorship.

I have proof to they are cheating with us.

we already told them to kindly refund my amount of my paytm number which is also shared with them.


How to file a complaint against Park Royal Holiday?

* Go to page
* Write Park Royal Holiday in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Park Royal Holiday.

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