Park Royal Holidays – All commitments are false

Reported By: Jatin_fighter

Contact information:
Park Royal Holidays

The worst fraud company I’ve ever encountered.

The majority of the positive reviews on this site appear to have been purchased or submitted by friends.

We erred by failing to do our due diligence in looking up reviews or complaints about them online. We are welcome to attend the event that they are hosting. Their manager Deep Sanghani requested my credit card during the meeting so he could check the offer. But without my permission, he carried out the fraudulent Rs. 60000 transaction.

Later, he handed over his application for membership, noting that it could be canceled at any time. He assured me that you can cancel the application during the verification call the following day. However, all of the declarations they made during presentations were false. They are no longer returning calls or emails.

Additionally, we learned of more than 20 people who lost money. They paid in advance for the holidays, and no one has reacted to them properly since.

There are a ton of people eagerly anticipating their vacations or refunds…

Forget about the company’s standards or level of customer service; these people are simply useless.

WARNING: Despite their extremely lucrative offers, DO NOT ACCEPT THEM!

You will never be able to book a hotel. When you request a hotel, they will first request that you notify them 45 days in advance, and then they will cite blackout dates as an excuse. They have no affiliations with any hotels, but they list all of the four-star hotels to give their clients confidence in them. It’s a con. Avoid dealing with such con artists.

Look up complaints about this business online as well.
Now, we are taking legal actions for section defamation and fraud against them.


How to file a complaint against Park Royal Holidays?

* Go to page
* Write Park Royal Holidays in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Park Royal Holidays.

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