Parsvnath Group – Parasvnath Exotica Ghaziabad

Hi, I have also invested in Tower E of Parvsnath Exotica and in similar situation. There is no construction since I have booked this flat in somewhere Feb 2012. Parsvnath Group is not trustable any more and even there is no sence to speak with Mr Dogra as he is giving same update since last 4 years. Even these guys become shameless hence not hesitating in giving such repeated foolish answers.

As per update one of the Parsvnath Exotica, Ghaziabad group has established RWA and filed a case against Parsvanth group in consumer court. The 2nd group is also in process in doing the same. There is a closed group Facebook page as well but they are not adding new members.

We have left with no choice but need to be a part of legal battle against Parsvnath Group but waiting for the decision of 1st case which has been filed few months back. Lets hope the first group wins and then we will continue with another attack on this cheater group to recover our hard money with Interest of Market value of these flats.

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