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Reported By: swarup jasthi

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Hi Sir,

on 22nd of june,i and my friend were doing transactions on paytm upi.

we are transacting 10000rs, at one certain instant my friend got 10000 reversed into his account but i received 10000 from his side and again i sent 10000 back to him now he is with +10000 in his account and after 2 hrs he lost the 10000 which he got reversedly into his account. ok now everything is fine until now. but after 1mnt on 20th of july paytm bank had sent me a msg like “you have been deducted with 10000 which was wrongly credited into your account” and i was debited with 7090rs and my account has marked as lien for 10000 rs. then i immediately contacted paytm they told me it was wrongly credited into your account by paytm paymnts bank on 22nd june at 10;17pm (i and my friend were transacting at that time i mentioned above) as the transaction was declined by others side bank(i mean the senders here im the receiver of amount) the transaction was cancelled and amount was reversed into his bank account(senders) but you have been credited 10000 by paytm side so we are now deducting 10000 from your account .sir deduction must be done within 2 or 3 days from th time of transaction and these guys deducted after a month when i have clear idea or calculation on my money that was my hard earned money sir ,im a student persuing know how important every penney is for a student . i even told them to check my account statement .there was nothing wrong on my side my account statement is the only proof there it shows i received amount from my friend.

i contacted them many times via call and mail they were just changing their words once they told me the transaction was succesful and after that they were saying it was not succesful and they also told me that error was not on your side it was actuallly on senders side we need to debit money from hus account but we have no right to debit it from theirs so we debited it from yours .
how can they do that to me sir without having any error on my side? is it fair ?
please help me out of this sir .

thanks in advance

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