Pluto Tours – Big fraud company running in Shimla

Reported By: Ajays01061991

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Pluto Tours

My experience with the Pluto Tours company

1. At first, the hotels and rooms I requested as part of the super deluxe package were graciously accepted and added to the itinerary.

2. Just before two days, everything was changed, including all hotels, equipment, and cabs. When I asked why, they explained that a patient had been discovered in one of the hotels, renovations were being done, and people had to walk if it was snowing, so the hotels were changed. .Because of this, I personally called the hotel managers, who informed me that no COVID patients were present and that renovations were not possible because the hotel had only recently been built, implying that Pluto Agency would fabricate information about my changes. When I mentioned this, they began persuading me that they would provide the BEST SERVICES and I would have no problems, and that any questions I asked would only receive one answer: “We will provide the BEST SERVICE.”I had no choice because I had already purchased my tickets and received payment for them.

3.The driver arrived an hour late Chandigarh airport…
No hotel will be super deluxe, and each one’s food quality will be pathetic. Chapati will be like rubber, rice and daal will be half cooked, sabji will be tasteless, and their hotel is the worst; they serve cold breakfast and dinner. Hotel in Shimla was 30 km from Shimla. They would initially say that I could pay money as the trip proceeded. Drivers will only follow itenery, and the places they mention will be similar to roadside temples, churches, or hilltop locations that are susceptible to even minor climatic changes. Following a reservation, you are on your own. They’ll establish a waste group where none of your worries will be taken into consideration. The person, in my case Kusum Mehta, who will persuade you to book through their agency will inquire about your daily well-being and whereabouts, but if you voice any reservations about the booking, they will no longer return your calls. They have a man named Suraj who is responsible for withdrawing all of the money. if you attempt to obtain proper service using the remaining funds. He will request that the driver leave you in the middle of the trip, and we were made to stand at the gas station for three hours to get our money back by him. They don’t even speak to women politely. Driver even mentioned a few instances where goons were sent into tourist hotels in exchange for payment. Driver also mentioned that every tourist experiences this; there is no timely sanitization or cleaning of the rooms.

4. The conclusion is that this is a very pitiful and unreliable agency. Never ever try using them. Instead, spend a little bit more money and book hotels and cabs on your own, or use another agency that will genuinely turn down hotels if they can’t afford the rates.Pluto will accept every hotel you suggest, but two days prior to your departure, they’ll give you their own accommodation.


How to file a complaint against Pluto Tours?

* Go to page
* Write Pluto Tours in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Pluto Tours.

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