Pluto Tours – Fraud with me

Reported By: Amit_kumar

Contact information:
Pluto Tours

I’ve reserved a tour package. I’ve talked to Manju, a salesperson, and another senior woman in her division about paying in three installments. On the same day, I have to pay the first installment.

And after I checked in and paid the hotel, a man named Sanju called to collect the money. I agree to pay at the hotel, but he insists that you pay at the gas station. I refuse to pay at the pump, and he tells the driver to stop.

He then forced us to pay at the pump. and consent to paying the balance either at check-out or at the end of the tour. The next day, he called to request payment for the pump. I refused to pay at the pump, and he instructed the driver to stop on a side road.

They were pestering my wife and I for an hour in exchange for money. He then demands payment from us once more. I’m providing the phone numbers of some of the officials involved.

Ms. Shivani

Because of this behavior, I had to cut my tour short from six to three days.
We are currently being harassed mentally. Please take a look at the issues.


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