Prabhat Khabar – Why Fraud Vacancy publishing

Dear Sir ,
First of all thanks you for meet me information the fraud organization Prakash Jan Lok Sewa and for save the 5150/-.

By you I request that Prabhat khabar( Awsar paper) don’t publishing any fraud vacancy.

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  1. I got letter from this NGo in which they mentioned that I got short listed for Block finance manager in Nagpur district. For the training I have to send Rs. 5150 which cover all training expenses.

    My point is that when this Ngo is ready to pay Rs. 18800 salary per month. Then why don’t they cut the expenses from our first salary. Cut the amount of training expenses from our first salary and pay rest of the money as first salary.

    Second point is whoever is funding this Ngo project they might have consider all the expenses of this project from starting to end. They must have paid for training expenditure also.

    Then why you are demanding money after money from candidates.

    I thought it is vampire call and all they are doing to loot and rob money from young unemployed youth who desperately seek job. They just target this young unemployed youth and try to make more money.

    My third point is I read their website and appointment letter in which they didn’t mentioned any name of responsible person and their contact numbers, director name, manager name, secretary name, project manager name accountant name, state manager name and their contact numbers and any other details. They don’t provide any contact numbers of people who is working in their Ngo.

    When they are saying that they are working with oriental group of company so they should mention some contact persons and their names and their contact numbers. they should display it on website as well as.

    No names, address, no contact numbers absolutely nothing. They try to conceal it that’s means something is wrong there.

    I paid demand draft of Rs. 500 for first time and Now i have taken decision not to pay any cent further to this Ngo.

    I found it vampire call only for money.

    Don’t pay any money. Please don’t proper inquire about this Ngo and then pay.

    Please write to me at —————- [email protected]