Puri Construction – Beware Broker ,If you want to work with puri Counstruction 1st read this.Mail me or call me 1st

Beware Broker, If you want to work with puri Counstruction 1st read this.Mail me or call me 1st. Victim Broker By Puri Construction ltd, Subject – I loosed Ananda villas bookings due to your Executive, inventory manipulation un transparency, un professionalism & Fakeness. Dear, I am Jitn Dutt, Owner of Real Estate Consultancy firm based in Faridabad name of D L R Buildtech, I am really feeling cheated by puri because I have got loses of efforts, financially, Mentally, any senior person can help me out, Here is the full incident I am describing, I started working in puri ananda villas before 1 month, when launched & I am coordinating with your executive Ramnik, when I called him, he told me that, it will take another 2 to 3 months in launching, I have made my mind & clints minds like this that you have to arrange finance in this way and took cheque on commitment to give him units and I told ramnik on that day take the cheque, he refused it, then I told him when ever you r taking cheques plss let me know 1 or day before, he told me defiantly I will tell you, after 15 days by chance, my friend told me puri is taking cheques, instantly I called ramnik and told him you have not update me & take my cheques now, he said that unit what I need is closed take another big size units, I said my clints budget is not allowing, then he told me, He will try, on same time in afternoon went to clint to get cheque, he also surprise in problem of arranging funds . any how he arrange money & gave me cheques, at night really un comfortable time 10.30 pm I gave cheques at ramnik home, on another day in morning he told, he can not take booking bcos no more inventory small units take big units, if you want small units you have 2 options, he can give but if you give unit direct to him on company with no broker involvement, you will get no commission & another way you can rotate this unit to this broker sunny kapoor from better homes, I try really hard to convince ramnik please don’t do like this, or try to bill me direct from company instead of that broker sunny kapoor owner of Better homes & broker sunny was asking me to share commission, I told ramnik that please any senior person can help me, I want to talk to him, he refuse and said this is the only best solution he can do, then I felt regeted that why I convice my clints in ananda villas & worked with puri construction, then I said ok bcos I have no other options then I call my clints and try hard too convince for big size units bcos they r in my hand but they refuse bcos their budget is not in that range, then I told the whole story clints, on another day now one more issue raise of exact floor & tower unit, ramnik was giving me very poor inventory & lowest demand with lowest appreciation units I tried 2 hour on convincing my clint on that units, but no use at last clint told me to return cheques.then I said I will try one more time then I got call after few minutes they told me they r getting units according to them from another brokers for units what he need, then I told ramnik he is getting small unit, which is completely suiting his preference, he told me your clint is telling lie, then I told ramnik to hold cheques till inventory issue is solve, got a call from clint he told me he got unit according to his preference want his cheques back. I called ramnik continue many times but he disconnect & not picked the calls, then called the main corporate office they gave reference of senior person ravinder he is ramnik senior but after meeting him still there is no solution I get, can any on top management or any other senior official can help me, its not just a matter of few bookings & me but its rather more matter of puri business professionalism, ethics, transparency, safety of brokers clints & commission, equality & differentiate between small brokers against big brokers, un professional Executives doing inventory manipulation to frustrate brokers to quit booking & leave clints so there near dear broker or they him self take benefit & advantages, Favor’s some special & big brokers, cheat on small broker Puri has build outstanding reputation in my mind & market by there quality work, I think no one has right to finger on it, but what happened with me its so wrong, I hope some responsible genuine senior can understand & feel when he or she comes on my side. Hoping for positive Reply asap, who can do justice with us, please any one can give me contact number, email ids of puri owner, board of director, human resource top managers, any one who can give justice to us now & in future, it is never done again to other brokers or any one else, I don’t want same thing happen to any other brokers, after mailed first time, I got email from puri to contact kussum & call from anubhav & dheeraj, that ms sen gupta want to meet you, then I went over there in front there senior sen gupta vice president of puri there no respect of him by mr ravinder was arguing me that, I am blaming their staff, he is telling me do what you want to do, he is telling mr sen gupta sir why ur caring of these small brokers, but mr sen gupta calm him settle the situation, gave me assurance helping me, I have gud words & assurance of justice by ms kusum, she is a realy gud professional & very genuine human being, she understood felt my situation very righty and told me that I am right all what happen with me is realy very wrong, she will try her best to help me after meeting him, I got shine justice, thanks a lot kussum & puri human resources to recruit real professional kssum but her designation has limitations, she also depend on other senior bcos she on same post like ravinder, we must understand, The channel partners r the real back bone of any developer, we r like two wheel of cycle, only one wheel can never move a cycle a single bit without each other, we r nothing, & must note, It will give my 1000% on this issue, & try till my last breath it never happen again to any other broker or any one else, no body will feel cheated like me, that’s my a gentleman promise to puri, no one has a right to play with there bread. For any Truth, question or any Doubt in this, if you think, I am writing lie or you want to clear on some point, Please feel free to email or call me any time or you can meet me. No action & reply taken from company side from many months & i warn puri construction to publicize this in news paper, I Have Big Doubt & almost sure that my booking was done & manipulated by company to another Broker. Thanks & Regards Jitin Dutt D L R Buildtech Mob – 9958025161, 8459812424 EMAIL ID – Dlrbuildtech@gmail.com Office Landline -01294034088 A2/19 Sector – 11 Faridabad (Haryana) Relation with Returns First

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