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Reported By: Swetha

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Radriff.com Mumbai

Hi Team,
This is regarding radriff.com I ordered 3 Cotton tshirts for 799 rupees and I received the order but when I checked the order it was wrong product also instead of 3 clothes there were only 2 clothes when I asked the delivery agent he asked me to give him a letter which was srsly when I came to knw process is totally wrong and they wanted me to write it out in paper for refund and also they were asking me to give them product but I denied .
Please refund back my money there are ways to earn money radriff.com but not by stealing people’s hard earned money . Also person who delivered product was asking me for my adhaar card number I strongly denied and also I did talk to head person of that delivery agent he was like why adhaar card don’t give that details I told ur employee was asking me for that .
Head was talking something different and delivered person was talking different .
After a while when they said they can’t refund now and when asked me to send image of wrong product and delivered person didn’t wait he ran away sayings send the picture in the number I called for delivery but when I tried sending to that number that number was not even present tin whstapp and that guy flew away with my money.
Please refund my money back and take your product back.


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