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Reported By: Laxmi Narasimman

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Rakbank / The National Bank Of Ras Al Khaimah

I Laxmi Narasimman C R having Current Account (No.00124 549 23001) as well as Personal Loan with your bank since 5 years (approximately in the year Nov.2012 onwards).

First of all, I apologize for not making payment on time.

I was working in Indian based company more than 10 years ie; for the period of Sep. 2006 to Aug. 2016. I have taken loan with RAK Bank during Nov. 2012 and was paying

monthly installment fully without single payment delay. Since I had switched over the job from Indian based company to Local based company, I had received my final

settlement around AED 60, 000/- from Indian Base company which was blocked by the RAK Bank and on my request, I received only AED 25, 000/- back based on the submission

of present job offer and balance has been adjusted in the loan amount. After showing the proof of documents, I restructured the loan amount and the total restructured amount is AED 132, 000/-, out of this, I paid Apr. 2017, May 2017, and partially in the month of Jun. 2017.

Past 2 to 3 months, ie; Jul. Aug. & Sep. 2017, I was unable to make payment since, I lost job ie; I received Layoff Notice from the 2nd company (Local based company).

Presently I am searching job in UAE and I am not running out of the country and staying in UAE and searching Job. Mostly, i will get the offer in 10 to 15 days time.

When I gave the main mobile number which was blocked by Local base company since the sim belongs to them. Also, I have given an alternate mobile number to the bank.

The alternate number was also blocked due to job changes and visa expiration which I resolved now. Now, my alternate number is working and I got a call from Bangalore through my India Number and I spoke with him and got the number of UAE Collection Team.

In the meantime, I approached your bank last week and spoke with your call centre personnel and requested collection number to reach them. By that time, on the next day, I got a call from Bangalore, India whose name is Mr. Shoeib and his contact number is:+91 80 9501 3737 and he sent one person to Chennai where my family is staying (he belongs to Andhra Pradesh) his name is Sajhid … (he told like this) saying that he is coming from RAK Bank Bangalore and asked me money to pay. I had a chat with Mr. Shoeib who is stationed in Bangalore and got the number of Mr. Rakesh who is working in RAK Bank. His mobile number is: +971 52 176 7816. Mr.Rakesh

contacted me only one time ie; on Oct.8, 2017 saying that we are going to file case against you, to stop this, please pay 14, 500/- within Oct. 10, 2017. I requested time till Oct. 25, 2017, so that in 15 days I will get offer in the new company and I was waiting for the offer and plan to visit your collection centre people to re-discuss my payment plan and my problems.

On Oct. 9, 2017 I got a call from Mr. Shoeib from Bangalore, saying that you may pay back the dues within Oct.12, 2017, after that if you have not paid, they will file case against me, he said.

Now, the Bangalore person is torturing me and my family by visiting everyday and talking around my residing area in India which was not required.

On Oct.10, 2017, again I got a call from Mr. Shoeib, Bangalore saying that I have to make money whatever I have with me on Oct.10, 2017 evening itself, if not, he said that he will file the case against me. I told him that I am arranging funds with my friends who is staying in UAE which will take time due to market situation. He is not at all listening and keep on sending the people to India.

I do understand that I should not stop the payment which was never happened in 10 years. Once I switched over the job in Aug. 2016, I got these kind of problems.

Now, I hereby submit my explanation in chronological events as well as my Lay Off Notice for your kind perusal. Also, request you to kindly hold the installment due for at least 2 months.

Nobody is ready to listen my problems which I am facing and all RAK personnel are interested in filing case against me / penalisze me. Whereas I am ready to pay back and presently I request RAK personnel to give time only.

All these, I do not know, whom to address, hence I addressed you.

As a special case, kindly treat this e-mail on priority and arrange to hold the installment due for at least two more months. Also, if you started process of

proceeding legal case, please hold for time being. Once I got the offer, definitely I will come and meet your collection center personnel for re-discussing and rescheduling the loan amount.

At this financial crisis, it is very difficult to get job, but I have 3 offers, out of which, one job I will get very quickly.

I seek your cooperation in this regard and instruct your collection team Mr. Rakesh not to disturb my family who are living in India. Similarly, please instruct Mr. Shoeib who is residing in Bangalore not to visit henceforth my family in India. I am not telling that I will not pay, but I borrow time for extra 1 to 2 months to hold the loan amount.

Note 1: Mr. Rakesh called me through his mobile number only and not at the land line.

Note 2: Due to these bank personnel torture, I am taking anxiety tablet which was prescribed by Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Laxmi Narasimman
Dubai, UAE

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