– Cheated me 1,500.00 rupees

Relocate Xp / – Beware of RELOCATEXP.COM, Cheated me 1,500.00 rupees

I did initiate the move on 14th of Sep 2013 from Mira Road, Mumbai to Kharghar, Navi Mumbai a distance of around 50 kms when I get in touch with them through a company based in Noida in Delhi NCR, after I saw one ad at yahoo india.

The next day I got a quote as I did mention my relocatable items details on website itself. And then after some days I got a call from a Noida, Delhi NCR no. +91-120-

4164499, when one person naming Rahul Rajan called me from his mobile no. and tried to convince me with their idea of total online movement in India and claimed they have made lots of

relocations in India. Later on when I got a call from his mobile no. 9810595644 I tried to google the no. and got to know it happened to be the no. of Saurabh Anand. Anyways, I

continued to talk to them as they have given me a good quote of around Rs. 9650/= which was much lower from its counterparts and I got convinced.

After that they insisted me to send the money online but I paid 12% initially after they send me a payment link through my HSBC credit card around 5 days ahead of my

scheduled move day 28th sep 2013.

After not getting a call after they got the money online, I started to have doubts. Hence the day before I asked them to give me atleast a local contact no. so that I

can get in touch with them in case nobody turns up. Hence RAHUL RAJAN (name not confirmed on paper as he was reluctant to send me email from his id, instead they send

me email from arranged a callback from his fellow team man at around 4pm on 27th sep 2013 after I started bugging him. The guy told me that the

team will reach my place at 8 am in the morning after my insistance that my new society have a reservation regarding the move time till 6 pm in the evening and the

move need to be finished prior to that.

On the given day of 28th sep 2013. I kept on waiting till 11 am but neither RAHUL RAJAN nor the guy picked up the phone. At 11 am RAHUL RAJAN told me that they have

some issues with the vendor, who actually wil do the relocation for me and he had a heated exchange with the vendor and hence they will not be able to do it on 28th

and hence want to call it off.

On that word I really was shocked and had mental stress due to that. I requested them to pay me advance money back on which he agreed to pay me Rs. 1500/= (advance +

penalty of one day room rent) just to avoid altercation.

And since them I am chasing that guy naming RAHUL rajan and he has not paid my money back for the last 10 days.

Now you tell me what to do, how do I get my money back and how the consumer will be safeguarded against these peoples. I am really feeling cheated by him and feeling that the fraud had happened to me. I have also suffered a heavy loss as I have to ensure the movement is done within one or two days. Now I want the money lost due to that as well.

Request you to look into the matter as I am consulting the legal experts about putting a police FIR done against RAHUL RAJAN and

S. Ghosh

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