Hi my name is Neeranjan, I recieved a call from +911206780500 on 28th sep 2013, regarding the job in IBM, and they asked me to pay first around 6000 and they have convienced me to pay the only amount they said, but after that again they asked me to pay 10334 still i was in no doubt in them becouse they were able convience me as they said this amount will be refundable within 24 hrs and after that again of 5617, i had little doubt on them this time and i asked them why you are asking me pay again n again as you said you have to pay only around 6000 but I had to pay because they said if i vl not pay than my previous money will be lost, like this they snetch from me 38000. Please help me to get back my money. I don’t knw what to do its a very big amount for me.

neeranjan kumar singh

mobile number:9436961624


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  1. The calls from same number came to me also. but I told no that I do not need job. So Register Complaint in the Police Station. With the help of Law of Cyber Crime Police will definitely find these types of guys and company.

    Hope do well