roozgaar company – refund my money 15558.50


I receive calling from roozgar .com from executive priyanka & rahul
(01206612700, 09278703686 ) he said for job you have to pay only 185rs
after selection you give 15000 , i trust him but through net banking
15558.50 rs deducted from my account, he said the amount is return in 24
hours but because of fraud in my account 15558.50 rs is deducted and am
not receive any money .

I need my money back please

Basant LAL Vishwakarma

Dear Customer,

During our conversation dated 20/10/2013, again we were trying to explain about the companies policy.

As per our refund policy one can claim full refund within 24 hours of making the payment & as per our data base you had placed the last service request on 29/11/2013,hence the time period for full refund has lapsed.
Your services are already delivered, our service team will connect you shortly.
If you have any service query , kindly let us know.

We request you to visit our web site to know more about the company.

Team Roozgaar

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  1. Mitun Chakraborty

    I would like to drag the attention towards the perfidious nature of the employees of I have been cheated by their agents

    At first i was conducting transaction on the behalf of my friend Mr.Dipjyoti whose mobile is 9707075734 and i was given assurance by their agents that by mistake your amount has been deducted and he requested me to follow the online procedure to refund the amount. Rs 9660.71 (SBI) and Rs 12,358.50(HDFC) has been deducted from my account.

    Afetr that an agent called me up and suggested me to register my name (, 9085549109) so that the debited amount will be transferred to my account through online system. But again he gave me wrong instruction and my amount was deducted from my HDFC account. At present i am penniless. After going through your website, i found that there is no online procedure to refund the amount. It proves that sales officials are fooling the innocent people which is completely unethical.

    I would request you to take action against these kind of employees who sits there to fool the the innocent people to full-fill their targets. This will spoil the reputation of company.

    The agent told me that his name is Abhishek Mathur and gave me his mobile no.08287380628. Kindly find out who this guy is and take severe action against him.

    I have already raised the said complaints to Roozgaar team and every time they tell me different procedure for refund related issues.

    Now i have lost faith in and i need to know the procedure of refund.